League Table Carbery-Beara Junior A Football League Section 1

St Marys119111861206619
St Colums119021471044318
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh118121371092817
St James11506149151-210
Gabriel Rangers74039176158
Diarmuid O Mathunas9315106131-257
St Oliver Plunketts1021789149-605

NB: Top two teams qualify for semi-finals. Final positions are determined according to CBRL Regulation 4 and Rules 6.36/6.20 O.G. League cut-off date: October 5th.

Gabriel Rangers 2-84-5Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Ballydehob15/02/201419:00Round 1
Kilmacabea 4-80-11Diarmuid O Mathunas Leap16/02/201411:30Round 1
St Marys 1-121-6Barryroe Enniskeane16/02/201411:30Round 1
St Colums 1-60-11Bandon Bandon16/02/201415:00Round 1
Gabriel Rangers 0-131-7Kilmacabea Ballydehob23/02/201411:30Round 2
St James 3-140-4Kilbrittain Ardfield23/02/201415:00Round 2
St Marys 1-153-6Bandon Enniskeane23/02/201415:00Round 2
St Oliver Plunketts 0-72-11St James Ardfield09/03/201415:30Round 1
St Colums 1-110-10St James Cloughduv14/03/201419:00Round 3
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 1-162-8Diarmuid O Mathunas Aughaville16/03/201412:00Round 3
St Marys 4-173-2Urhan Enniskeane16/03/201414:00Round 3
Gabriel Rangers 2-121-3St Oliver Plunketts Ballydehob16/03/201415:00Round 3
Kilmacabea 3-150-5Kilbrittain Leap16/03/201415:00Round 3
Barryroe 0-121-13St Oliver Plunketts Barryroe25/03/201420:00Round 2
Diarmuid O Mathunas 0-51-14Barryroe Castletownkenneigh30/03/201412:00Round 4
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 4-130-5Kilbrittain Aughaville30/03/201412:00Round 4
Kilmacabea 2-140-8St Oliver Plunketts Leap30/03/201413:00Round 4
Bandon 1-130-8St James Bandon30/03/201415:00Round 4
Gabriel Rangers 0-90-16St Marys Ballydehob30/03/201415:00Round 4
Bandon 1-153-6Barryroe Bandon03/04/201419:45Round 3
St James 2-40-8Kilmacabea Ardfield06/04/201412:00Round 9
Urhan 2-81-14Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Aughaville06/04/201414:30Round 2
Barryroe 1-100-16Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Barryroe11/04/201420:30Round 9
Kilbrittain 2-81-13St Marys Kilbrittain13/04/201412:00Round 6
Diarmuid O Mathunas 0-130-6Urhan Castletownkenneigh13/04/201412:30Round 5
St Oliver Plunketts 0-84-15St Colums Ahiohill13/04/201415:00Round 9
Kilbrittain 0-70-9Barryroe Kilbrittain17/04/201419:00Round 11
St James 1-81-15Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Leap20/04/201415:00Round 11 Champ
St Oliver Plunketts 4-70-18St Marys Ahiohill20/04/201415:30Round 5 Champ
Kilbrittain 0-145-13Bandon Kilbrittain21/04/201419:00Round 9
Barryroe 1-141-6Kilmacabea Barryroe27/04/201411:30Round 5
Kilbrittain 2-50-12St Colums Castlehaven27/04/201413:00Round 5 Champ
Bandon 2-71-14Diarmuid O Mathunas Bandon05/05/201419:30Round 8
Kilmacabea 2-50-11Tadhg Mac Carthaigh Leap10/05/201419:30Round 8
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh --St Oliver Plunketts Aughaville17/05/201419:00Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 0-61-11St Marys Aughaville06/06/201420:00Round 7
Urhan 0-51-8Gabriel Rangers Eyeries08/06/201415:00Round 9
St Colums 3-111-4Diarmuid O Mathunas Kealkil10/06/201420:00Round 2
St James 0-71-12Gabriel Rangers Ardfield10/06/201420:00Round 5
St Colums 2-92-5Gabriel Rangers Kealkil17/06/201420:00Round 10
Bandon 2-110-13Kilmacabea Bandon22/06/201414:00Round 6
St Marys 0-110-11Diarmuid O Mathunas Enniskeane26/06/201420:00Round 9
Urhan 1-133-11Kilmacabea Eyeries29/06/201413:00Round 11
Diarmuid O Mathunas 3-70-9Kilbrittain Castletownkenneigh30/06/201419:30Round 10
Kilmacabea 1-72-7St Colums Leap05/07/201420:00Round 7
St Oliver Plunketts 0-113-14Bandon Ahiohill08/07/201420:00Round 11
Barryroe 5-131-7Urhan Clonakilty12/07/201419:00Round 7
St Marys 0-110-6St Colums Enniskeane15/08/201420:00Round 11
Diarmuid O Mathunas 2-61-13St James Castletownkenneigh16/08/201419:15Round 7
St Colums 2-120-17Urhan Kealkil24/08/201413:00Round 4
Bandon 3-111-8Urhan Bandon03/09/201420:00Round 10
St Marys 1-161-9St James Enniskeane06/09/201418:30Round 8
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh 1-51-10St Colums Aughaville12/09/201420:00Round 6
St James 2-102-15Urhan Eyeries14/09/201412:30Round 6
Kilbrittain 2-81-11St Oliver Plunketts Kilbrittain20/09/201418:30Round 7
Urhan --Kilbrittain Eyeries21/09/201412:00Conceded by Kilbrittain
Barryroe 1-142-13St James Barryroe27/09/201419:45Round 10
Kilmacabea 0-82-13St Marys Leap28/09/201412:00Round 10
Tadhg Mac Carthaigh --Bandon Aughaville03/10/201420:00Conceded by Bandon
St Colums --Barryroe Kealkil05/10/201412:00Conceded by Barryroe
Urhan --St Oliver Plunketts Eyeries05/10/201413:00Conceded by St Oliver Plunketts
Bandon --Gabriel Rangers BandonTBCRound 7
Barryroe --Gabriel Rangers BarryroeTBCRound 6
Diarmuid O Mathunas --St Oliver Plunketts CastletownkenneighTBCRound 6
Gabriel Rangers --Diarmuid O Mathunas BallydehobTBCRound 11
Gabriel Rangers --Kilbrittain BallydehobTBCRound 8
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